Phone Services


Voice Over IP (VOIP) and IP Telephony in today’s phone market has opened up the telecommunications world like it would never have been imagined.Calls travelling via the internet is not new, Telco’s have been doing it for a while now. But now the technology is available to home users and business alike, at costs which are incredible to believe.

We believe we can halve the cost of your existing service* and dramatically reduce your call costs as well.Using an internet connection to carry your calls reduces the need for multiple lines to do the one job. Whilst you do need a connection of some sort, a standard broadband with a decent connection can carry 5+ simultaneous calls. and we can provide solutions that can carry much more data than that at reasonable rates.ID-100208203-300x199With full CTI integration you will love our phone systems too and we can build you a system that meets your needs exactly.

With remote and branch office, mobile connectivity, teleworker support and in office calls all being included when on your system there really is is every reason to look at your existing solution to see if it meets your needs.Phone Services:

  • Low rate calls
  • Low line rental rates
  • Cheap one off cost phone numbers (DDI’s) never pay again!
  • non geographical DDI’s
  • Multi Geographical DDI’s
  • Geographical DDI not associated to physical location (virtual office presence)
  • Teleworker Support
  • Cloud Phone systems
  • Fixed Phone Systems
  • Reduced costs
  • Increased service
  • Quickly and easily scaleable to meet your needs
  • New lines and numbers in 15 minutes – Ask us how.

Why not get in touch with us for an informal chat about how we can help you expand your options, reduce your line rental and reduce your call costs.

* Service defined as traditional hardwired landline service such as but not limited to BT , Virgin Media landline rentals.

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