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WifiThere’s no such thing as bad advertising – right? Social Media has to be the ‘go to place’ to advertise your business at the moment, and Facebook is probably top of the tree in promotional benefits, but advertising on Facebook does not come cheap

How about leveraging social media sites to provide free promotion of your business, via your customers who already frequent you business and get them to let their friends and family know they were there and just how great you are.

Customers nowadays expect WiFi to be available in many places, pubs, clubs, restaurants, coffee shops, shops, hairdressers, beauty parlours etc all have people in them for a length of time, and they love having WiFi available for them while they are there.

Now imagine that each of your customers that use the WiFi available will give you a Facebook like, Twitter post or Google+ in exchange for it, wouldn’t that be something?

Lets get Social


Social Media generates traffic, whether it be to your website to see what you offer, or physically to your location. Having a like on Facebook will generate more likes from their friends as they like the first status update and therefore more people see your business.

Imagine Dave and Sue are at a restaurant having dinner, this gets posted to facebook, and the restaurant gets a Facebook Like. Next up will probably be friends and family of Dave and Sue liking this status. So, all of Dave’s fbookpostfriends and Sue’s friends will be able to see they have been there. On average each person has 190 friends on Facebook, if 5 of Daves and 5 of Sues friends like the status you are instantly into the realms of 100’s of people knowing that Dave and Sue went to The Old Granary Lodge Barns and Stables for dinner, and that Dave enjoyed his steak while Sue loved the raspberry crumble.

And of course, this will happen while your customer is onsite, others can come and join them!


Some benefits:

  • Venues with free WiFi see a 12% increase in visitor numbers
  • Venues with free WiFi see a 16% increase in visitor duration
  • Our WiFi is fully secure and separate from your own network
  • Our WiFi will advertise your business for you on your social networks
  • You can advertise special events or offers daily
  • Build contacts and gain more information for targeted marketing

So lets get started promoting your business by providing Free WiFi to your customers.

Why not get in touch and see how we can help you promote your business, provide great services to your customers and increase your customer base.



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