Wireless Hotspot Safety

WifiWireless hotspots are a godsend when people need a little data connectivity, either because they are out of range of their supplier, or just want to save their paid for connectivity for when they absolutely need it.
Wireless hotspots create traffic for the host, that is proven and great for business but how secure are you the supplier? Are you aware people using your wireless could land you in a lot of trouble with their activity.

With our Wifi service whereby you provide a secure connection to your customers can not only capture those that need some connectivity but help promote your business to their family ad friends via social media sites such as Facebook, Google, Twitter etc. And by registering each individual users unique identifier their activity time is also logged.

This service is great for business in the service industry, pubs, clubs restaurants, cafes, hairdressers etc, anything where people pop by and spend a little time, but also for those companies that provide wifi access for their employees in a BYOD scenario.

Not only does this secure and record their access in case a need should arise but it also secures your network away from devices you have no control over.

We can provide secure internet access with social promotion (or not), extended range and multiple access points so we can cover those blackspots you can’t reach right now and get your wireless working harder for you shilst it keeps you secure.


Why not get in touch to see how we can help you grow your exposure without compromising security.

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