Hosted IT

Many companies are reliant on the internet or electronic communications in some way and utilizing our experience of servers, networks and security Brilliant-IT-Solutions has developed a number of solutions for outsourcing of your IT services.

Hosted services

Flexible web hosting is a key feature of our service. We compete competitively with larger companies by providing the services that customers need and not asking them to choose between pre-defined packages that include features they do not want or need, but still have to pay for.

We are able to offer mail hosting using your own company domain binarywith full antivirus and anti-spam processing to protect our clients. Using a domain name to present your company provides a route to make your company a more cohesive proposition. It does not matter whether the company is a sole trader or a multi national corporation employing thousands of people. An email address with your own company name provides your potential clients with the re-assurance that they are dealing with a professional organization.

By taking away the need to host and run services themselves, we can provide a more cost effective resource for our clients.

Web development can be provided using a range of technologies to present your company in an interactive way on the internet.

Using the internet as a marketing resource can allow your company to remain open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

From presentation media to contact forms and online ticketing systems (based on a bespoke modification of Vision Reports – our own reporting system) your company can continue to operate even though your doors may be closed.

With 24/7 monitoring of these services you can be assured of high availability of our solutions and technical support that will keep them that way.

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