Windows 10

Windows 10 has proven to be an excellent operating system to the majority of people who have come to use it. The system is fast, stable, intuitive and once users get to grips with it, very easy to use.

A few tips.

Opening applications: Just click on the Windows Logo in the bottom left corner and then start typing what you want: for instance “Internet Explorer” as you type, the menu tree will change and options will start appearing in the list based on the options available. click the one you want – job done.

Internet Explorer: Essentially replaced by Microsofts new browser Edge, this is still far more universally accepted than edge and people do feel comfortable with it. Use the option above to find Internet Explorer, then use the following option to pin it to your Task Bar

Easy Access: once you have an application open, right click the icon on the task bar, you will have a number of options, including Pin to Taskbar, this leaves the icon on the taskbar when closed for easy access to those oh-so-favourite applications.

Finding running applets: on the right hand side of the screen is the familiar System Tray. In there, you will see a ^, click that and details of key apps will be shown. Often antivirus, bluetooth, cloud storage such as Drive, Dropbox, Onedrive etc can be found there.

Notifications: On the right hand side you may well see a little square speech bubble, this is your notifications section or Action Centre. Updates, system messages etc will be in there. It won’t be there if there are no notifications, Will be white if there are new messages and black if there are old messages.

Control Panel: some of the control panel functionality has moved to the Settings Section. Why they split this and left some behind, we are not quite sure. but as with the first item, click on the Windows button, bottom left and type in settings, if what you are looking for, repeat but this time type in control panel. Settings is new and intelligent way of organising things, and rather than question why they needed Settings, out only question is, why did they not move everything.

Cortana: Microsofts new voice control. To be honest, it works very well, however there is a Gotcha here, Cortana is unhappy with most microphones. and Cortana has a long way to go to catch up with Android and Apple speech control for this reason.

If you have not yet upgraded to Windows 10, then we highly recommend it. we find it the most advanced, intelligent system. If you would like our assistance with upgrading to Windows 10 then please feel free to get in touch.

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